This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Double charged for seller’s fees.

In October of this year I sold two items on Ebay for $355.00 net, with shipping a total of $383.91. I paid for the shipping at my post office. October 23, Paypal issued me a check for $315.72. November 16, … Continue reading

Cancelled the PayPal transaction turned in to nightmare

I sent $ 1000.00 to a friend through pay pal and then I cancelled the transaction the same day since my friend did not need it.I was told by pay pal that the money was never taken out of my … Continue reading

Buyer got double refund; one from eBay and one from PayPal

Tried to use the Ebay global shipping program for the first time and sold a printer. Buyer agreed to a price with shipping but only paid a portion of the total. Ebay would not let me ship because payment was … Continue reading

PayPal was no help when I didn’t receive my item

I bought some perfumes from a guy in Italy via ebay in May last year which he sent via EMS. Months and months passed and I received nothing. I checked the EMS tracking website and it said that they had … Continue reading

PayPal admitted they lost my money but didn’t return it

I made a transaction yesterday for a OnePlus2 phone using an invite (which is obv very hard to get). OnePlus2 only allows PayPal as the payment gateway. I made the payment of 402.99$ of which 167$ were deducted from my … Continue reading

Ebay and Paypal have jointly screwed me

I did 7 years of blameless trade with them, then I fell into the hands of a couple of dishonest buyers. When I resisted, I was stuffed. eBay closed my account. Six months later, having divorced and gone back to … Continue reading

Charged $130.00 shipping for free shipping items

I bought several items and paid for them August 15 11:55 pm. There was reversals for many of the items Aug 16 at 12:15 am. They ended up in my unpaid items. I clicked on the items to pay on … Continue reading

PayPal’s seller protection advice is to file a Police report

I’ve recently sold a valuable 24 year old comic book to a fraudulent buyer via my web site. The comic was in near mint+ condition yet this buyer upon receipt of the item informed me that one staple was detached … Continue reading

Frozen funds and scamming buyers

This is more of an ebay issue than paypal, but I will share it anyways. I sold two high ticket items (over $600). Both arrived damaged, to two separate addresses. On one case, the buyer agreed to a replacement, the … Continue reading

Paypal wants to “Part Ways” and keep my money.

I have had my paypal account limited and can not withdraw my money, i sent all the relevant information but lost the appeal to lift the limitation, they are now saying i cannot appeal this decision and are holding my … Continue reading