This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal takes transfer amount Twice

On 4 separate occasions, I have transferred money from my Paypal account balance to another account. Paypal however ALSO took the same amounts from my Credit Card at the same time. They claimed that they sent that money as the … Continue reading

PayPal theives

I used PayPal once, then I kept getting these notices to pay them. So I went to their website and tried to pay them. But their website is opaque, dysfunctional and just plain stupid/mean. I wasted hours trying to pay … Continue reading

I just fell victim to the typical eBay/PayPal scam

I just fell victim to the typical eBay/PayPal scam. A scam buyer joins eBay for a month, runs up @18 positive ratings (and provides NO ratings for any of their VERY small dollar amount purchases). He has a gibberish email … Continue reading

PayPal sides with known scammer

I paid for personal training and coaching via PayPal in the amount of $2000. After learning that the person was a scam I notified PayPal and disputed the transaction. I told them I had proof of another person who was … Continue reading

Don’t use Paypal or get involved with any sellers who use their services.

I recently logged into my Paypal account (after many years of inactivity) to complete an online purchase I had made from an online store, and noticed my account had been placed in limited status almost 2yrs ago, so I was … Continue reading

What is wrong with Paypal?

So it was just a normal day. I’m opening an e-mail and seeing a letter that it is something wrong with my account. I am opening PayPal and it’s limited. They need more information about a payment sent on the … Continue reading

No justice using eBay and PayPal

Ebay wouldn’t give me back my money when a package never arrived, they ruled it in favor of the seller and also tried to get the money from my bank and they sent all the information to my bank so … Continue reading

Return scam

I have been robed by PayPal ! I sent a bronze statue to a customer,only for it to arrive damaged,in the post, I agreed to refund the cost of the item as soon as I received payment from the post … Continue reading

Paypal is holding my money

Hi there haters of paypal thieves. Paypal have held my money on every sale I make for 21 days and I don’t know why. I have done nothing wrong at all. I phoned them 100s of times hoping to get … Continue reading

PayPal’s website is terrible

Hi, I just wanted to report how terrible the paypal website is. I’m not talking about their services, just the website itself. They make it over complicated. I’m using the dutch version of paypal ( Half of their website is … Continue reading