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I’m Out $1,200 Thanks To PayPal

By Ryan

Well, it started out one day that I was going to purchase some bulk calculators on ebay. I noticed that when I went to pay for the winning auction on paypal, I had NO MONEY. I had over 1200 dollars in my account.

I went to the history and found out that my 1200 dollars was transferred to another paypal account and my account access was limited. I contact paypal and they say that my account is limited because of suspicious activity. They want me to log back on and follow 5 steps to turning my account back on.

I did exactly that. Then it stated that I would have to wait 3-5 days for an account specialist to go through and see if my account could be activated. About 2 days later I get back on paypal and see that my account balance is -1200.00. Yes, I said it right, NEGATIVE 1200.00.

I called them and they are stating that the 1200 dollars that I used to purchase items from another user was not good and I need to deposit 1200 into my paypal account to become current. Also it could take up to 180 days for my account to be unlimited after I complete all the steps.

So now, I am without my original 1200 and I owe paypal 1200 for a chargeback. It makes no sense to me. I went ahead and filed a claim with the litigation on paypal. Hopefully I can get my money back. I think I am done with any purchasing or putting money on the internet.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 5:46 am

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