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15 year perfect selling record and I get treated like roadkill

Ugh, I was so naive to Paypal, and truly thought they were the saviors of the internet….
Until I had an issue. After 15 years of a perfect record, mind you, they took the side of a buyer to whom I sold a brand new Android Tablet, then coerced naive me into opening the package when I was going to simply return to sender since the buyer never contacted me before sending. I was on the phone for hours, asking “what should I do next” trying to make sure I was protecting myself, and feeling sure that, given 15 years selling on eBay without a single mark against me, and taking losses that i really shouldn’t have, I finally took a stand because the item, a brand new tablet, was return to me completely mangled.

The buyer had only purchase a single item, was rude and abrasive while I remained ever calm and polite.

After denying the refund (the first and only time I’ve ever done so) on the grounds that I specifically state that the item should be handled with care and if there is internal damage, then I will always be fair and refund,in full.

What happened? I stated my case. Politely, honestly and made clear that I did everything in the manner they suggested.
The gentleman proceeded to lamely repeat things that he said my listing said, which were blatant lies (I don’t believe he even investigated) as well as saying that “It was probably damaged in shipping from being cold”. and then when I asked him (still, and this is the truth, keeping calm and polite), “So, you’re saying that there’s no way the item could have been dropped or damaged at the hands of the buyer? No chance at all?”
His reply:
Well, it could have been damaged from being out in the cold.” I finally did one rude thing, and that is that I snorted… I wanted to ask him “Is that the best you can come up with? Or perhaps you’re saving the best for later?”

Instead I simply said that it’s a shame my record and years of serving them faithfully, as well as taking losses I could have easily contested meant nothing and that they would believe a user who was on their 2nd purchase (likely having opened a new account because of other types of situations asking to the one I had… because they certainly knew their way around the resolution center, better than I did.”

I added in closing that I would continue to contest, simply because I felt this was unjust, and would otherwise have left it alone, not even letting it get to “claims”.

What happened, you ask? Well, I went to contest the case (the way you are allowed once they make a decision, on last time) and I was blocked off, with a mark on my account because I did not concede. I was sickened, and have since ceased selling, and have been looking for different avenues of getting rid of the last of my stock.

While this isn’t PayPal, directly, I strongly felt that PayPal was who I dealt with in the end, and the entity who made the final decision without reviewing or allowing me to add vital information.

This feeling is as strong because customer service between eBay and PayPal are like Night and Day.

PayPal is always ready for a fight, and are mostly rude, even as calm as I always stay, while eBay’s CS has only ever been pleasant in my experience.

There are more details which would sum it up better, and probably made you say “WOW, unbelievable”, but that would take quite a lot of time.

The bottom line is that I am finally learning just how corrupt they are. There is no loyalty. It’s all about them saving their (butts)and making sure they dont have to dish out a cent, regardless of the claims they make.

Funnily enough, he even admitted to me that they only cover small amounts usually, just to avoid the hassle…. I was silent for about a half a minute, picking my jaw up off the floor, dropping it, them picking it up again.

They guy was a moron, but he was also braced for a fight that I didn’t give him. And while we laughed a few times, he must have been drilled so hard never to give in to more than a few dollars (this item was over 100) that he wasn’t willing to budge, even when I said I’d offer more evidence upon my appeal. Not ten seconds after I hung up the phone, I tried to appeal, and I was denied the right to do so on the grounds that I spoke with someone and the decision had been made.

Even if it wasn’t PayPal directly, they run the “protection” scheme. I still have to wonder, however… what did they gain by losing a regular like myself (buyer and seller, 800+ stars 100% feedback, model and loyal all the way) from denying me this. especially given my record for keeping people happy, even if it meant taking losses?

Do you have any suggestions on what this was, and how I might avoid it? A trade of information, perhaps? I’d value your input, and I thank you for having this site as a resource. It certainly put some things into perspective for me.

One last little tidbit…
Because the gentleman kept blaming shipping and the fact that I didn’t insure the item (because the option was not used, though I gave people the choice), I started a clause, and for about a week, left in my listing that the insurance was they buyer’s choice, because frankly, I sell mostly small items… not tablets, but iphone cases, and things of that nature. To insure them would net me 2 cents when all fees and shipping were accounted for… Well, suddenly, about a week after I began specifying that I would request confirmation as to a “yes” or “no” on whether or not the buyer would like insurance… and one day, I got a message while trying to finish a listing that “sellers are no longer allowed to make it the decision of the buyer to insure an item, and the insurance should instead be included in the final amount.
Then it made sense why the gentlemOROn I spoke with capitalized on that aspect…. It was all he had… but it was something that could not be truly contested by me. I have to wonder if that was in the works, or if my speaking out about why I had to insure it got the attention of people (because I explained my experience and apologized that it would now be more expensive since sellers are not protected (heehee, yeah, there’s the rebel in me. I don’t yell, but I can give it back just as well with a sarcastic line stuck in here and there) enough to make them start a new clause in my honor. I was… overwhelmed with price, to be honest. And promptly stopped dealing with them and haven’t since (it’s been almost two years since that happened).

There’s my input. Use bits or pieces as you see fit. I’m happy to add to this as someone coming from both sides *but my buyer’s story is for another day*.

Wesley Landsen (Of COURSE that isn’t my real name!!) I fear the PayPal Mafia would snuff me out! (No, it’s actually because I want to keep my seller’s name unsullied by their corruption.

Oh joy… where to go next. I’m hoping to see more suggestions on other avenues for both buyers and sellers! Anything to avoid the ebay/Paypal Gansta party.

Posted: March 20, 2014 at 7:06 pm

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