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180 day funds hold

paypal decided to hold my funds and close my account for 180 days due to the high volume of payments that come in they ask for documents and i sent what was requested. they told me they just dont want to do business with me any longer. i then ask to refund the money my buyer sent me and instead of taking it from paypal they deduct it from my personal account. so instead of being 1700 negative now its 3400 cause i cant touch my funds in paypal. so i wrote them a letter.

CASE #: PP-002-5×6-7×6-xxx.
To: whom it may concern
I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already taken my business to your largest competitor and I am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.
I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case, which was denied. Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it – however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on, August 20, 2013 if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my funds: Alabama State Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and local congresswomen Terri a Sewell. I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints. All complaints will be filed “online” August 20, 2013 and written copies will also be sent. I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account history for the last year will reveal no credit card chargebacks as well as a very high customer-satisfaction rate. Even though I have been told that I have had multiple cases open in which they were due to non-payment. Which should not carry any weight in your decision. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for 180 days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with, and agree to leave a balance of $300 for any refund purposes for the duration of the 180 days. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back and any refunds for future issue.
Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of August 20, 2013. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

Posted: August 19, 2013 at 6:50 pm

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