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180 day hold of my money with Paypal, over $1000 held!

I have a problem. I was selling items on ebay and one day i received an email that said that my listings are deleted until I provide them with more information. I faxed everything they wanted me to and then they said I need to do the same with paypal. I was going to do that but they closed my account and I received email in which it said that they will hold my funds (which is more than 1000 dollars) for 180 days! Its half a year! And they don’t even tell me why. I am going to go to the court. But I think I need to get a lawyer because I don’t think I can do this by my own. But I don’t have money to pay the lawyer. What should I do?? Please help

Posted: August 2, 2013 at 6:18 pm

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