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I have 2 problems: feedback at ebay and with paypal

well I just had a problem with ebay AND payal. With ebay for not wanting to remove a feedback witch contains a casefile( its my first negative reaction in 500 feedbacks). even when its mentioned in their “rules” that they will remove any feedback that points to a casefile.
the second problem is that paypal just took 70 bucks from my account because of the “claim” that was being handled. I’ve provided them with a lot of evidence to counter the claim,such as shipping invoice, photo’s of condition of item before it went into the box etc. In just 2 days they decided that the lying fraudulent person will receive a refund and i, well maybe i’ll get the item back or a different one that is broken. No objective view on the evidence that i provided for paypal, the only thing that they look at are how many stars a person has got behind his name or if he/she is a “powerseller”.
Talk about injustice and medieval inquisition! Paypal is a modern day “semi legit” way of ripping off people!
I’m just so mad at paypal AND at ebay. That is why i’ll cancel everything from ebay and paypal(called cardstop already so paypal can’t siphon any more money from my account.)

Posted: January 4, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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