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A Fraudulant Monopoly

By Michelle

I sell items on ebay.  I had someone who purchased 11 of my auctions. She had a feedback rating of 7 I have a feedback of over 4,000 positive feedbacks 99.7% positive feedback rating.  The buyer bought items on 2 different weeks.  Ebay changed their invoicing and I couldn’t figure out how to get all the auctions added together on one invoice at the time so I put the difference in under shipping.  So the buyer emailed me and asked why I was charging her 36.00 for shipping.  I explained that I wasn’t charging her extra for shipping I had just added the amount that she owed me from the week before into this invoice.  I realised after I emailed her that I made a mistake in my addition so I then emailed her again with the correct amount.  She proceeded the following day to pay me the incorrect amount and left me bad feedback proclaiming that I overcharged her for shipping. 

I emailed her and told her that it wasn’t fair to leave bad feedback for her mistake.  She paypaled the incorrect amount.  She then told me NOT to send her items because she didn’t believe that they would right.  I told her I would be mailing them.  I charged her actual shipping and paid for delivery confirmation out of my own pocket.  Then I shipped them the following day she recieved the mdse 7 days from the close of the last auctions. Then she filed a complaint with paypal and said that she didn’t get them and tried to get a refund.  It took paypal a month to review her case.  The delivery confirmation showed that the item was delivered on June 5th.  Then they replied to her on July 8th and said that they were not going to refund her money. 

So she wrote return to sender on the package (with no return address) on the 9th of July (she held the goods for over 1 month thinking she would be able to keep the merchandise and get a refund). Then she filed a mail fraud complaint against me saying I wouldn’t give her a refund when I had never recieved the merchandise back.  There was NO reason to return the items there wasn’t anything wrong with them and a refund was given for the difference that she over paid.  Then she filed a fraudulent claim with her credit card saying that there was fraud on her credit card. 

Paypal did an illegal chargeback on my paypal account for 11 auctions that were a legally binding contract and I had not recieved the merchandise back.  I shipped the items to a confirmed address and should have been covered by the seller protection policy and was not.  This person proceeded to leave me 11 bad feedbacks and because she held the merchandise for over 30 days I could not get any of my fees back.  This is totally illegal and they allowed it.  They just give you the run around and emails that mean nothing and don’t help at all.  They are fraudulent and monopolise the internet and ebay.
Its hard to be a seller and not take paypal.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:12 am

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