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A Legal Way To Steal

By Tessa

I have had a paypal account for a few months and have an adult matching site and everything seemed fine and paypal sent me an email telling me they needed to me to confirm my bank card details which I did and it was accepted and I decided to have my site rebuilt which cost £10 000 and just as its about to go live, paypal have completely closed my account and the rebuilt web site is paypal payments so now I have got to not only pay to have the new site completely changed and find another payment provider, but they have also kept the money in the account and wont let me have it and im not allowed the right to appeal.And it also puts the sites launch behind alot.They said the site
was obsene for having a topless woman on the front which isnt obsene at all.

Im disgusted that they are allowed to do what they are doing to people and its as if they are stealing my money now because they have no right to keep peoples money and I will be advertising this site so people can see whats going on, and also tell people on my sites not to use paypal anymore. They have effectively found a legal way to steal peoples money. Paypal have targeted the adult industry alot and I know so many people now that have had their accounts taken away and oddly enough always when there is money int he account and on paypals details its say we have to wait a year to get it back. So do they give back the interest made on that money they have kept for a year because they make interest on that money they keep before they give it back and they dont give the interest back to the person they made it off and thats how they get more money from us and probably why they keep it for 6 months so they can make interest on it.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

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One thought on “A Legal Way To Steal
  1. Melissa Huiner on

    Paypal–owned by ebay–has been scamming people out of their money for years!
    Ebay owns paypal & manipulates the money there just like they MANIPULATE THEIR AUCTIONS.
    If people knew the half of how corrupt these two business are they would be appalled.
    Best advice is SPREAD THE WORD about payBAY corruption, ebay auction rigging, and paypal theft of customer money with “rules” that restrict citizens rights and create free windfalls for “payBAY”.
    This is theft.
    Dont buy from ebay, dont allow 3rd party payment companies to access your bank account, so you dont end up like the 10′s of thousands they have stolen from to date.