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PayPal Eye Opener

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

This week I got my First Paypal Problem in over 200 transactions in two years, No problems like most but the first problem started this week and what a eye opener it is for me, I’ve got a buyer that’s only been on ebay/paypal 3 months and he is using the paypal system to manipulate a unwarranted refund and return of item he purchase from me on ebay, paid by paypal and received and signed for the item by UPS, over two weeks later he emails me for the first time since he received his item that there is damage, I say OK let me contact UPS to set up a review of your item and the packing materials, he won’t agree to this just insist on sending it back for a refund, I tell him that it’s a final sale according to my listing and if’s it’s damaged it’s a UPS claim issue (even though it’s a tough job to get UPS to look at a item that was signed for over two weeks ago), the buyer says that don’t matter because I used paypal and I’ve got 45 days to get my money back…sure enough he filed a “item not as listed” dispute with paypal, they hit my account right then and there and just dang! now I have a negative -400 balance and can’t get to the little bit of money I have in paypal and I’ve got time and money invested in ongoing ebay auctions already that allow paypal as payment…

To make matters even more interesting I did a little research on my buyer only to find that within the two weeks he had my item he had listed it for sale on ebay and used my old photos and he claimed in the listings that is was perfect! one of the listings started the day after he emailed me that the item was damaged!, no suprise to me because the item was perfect when I shipped it and if it were damaged in shipping the buyer would have emailed me the day he got it right…the truth is he got buyer’s remose and is using paypal to force an unauthorized refund and return on me becuase he no longer wants it. I got busy and I was able to call paypal and after about 45 minutes on hold I spoke to a person that was very nice and did listen to my entire story, I told the paypal rep about the buyer was not being honest and gave them the ebay listing numbers that my buyer was using for this item that he claimed to paypal was damaged but claims in his ebay listing is perfect, he listed it multiple times before and after he emailed me two weeks after delivery that it was damaged.

While the paypal rep told me that the fact that my buyer listed this item for sale as perfect at the same time he claimed he received it damaged from me is all paypal needs to refuse his claim and the paypal rep also told me that my history of over 200 paypal transactions in two years with a perfect record would be considered in this case….two days have past and nothing from paypal and in the mean while I found your website and….so after reading most of your site I realize that I may be just fooling myself because if paypal is faced with a chargeback from my dishonest customer they are never going to eat it and I sure don’t want to eat this as I’ve done nothing wrong, my
item was as listed and in over 300 ebay deals this is the first one to go bad with a dishonest buyer, so today I went to my bank and closed my checking account that is linked to my paypal account as well as I called my credit card company to change my credit card number….this way if paypal approves his claim I’m never in a million years going to accept that item as return or give one dime to paypal and I guess they’ll close my account with that -400 balance.

As far as I’m concerned they can come to my town as I would love to face a paypal lawyer with a judge in my hometown anyday for accepting my money for a service only to defraud me with an unwarranted chargeback according to my clear stated terms of sale for an ebay item of which the buyer approved at the time of sale when he placed his bid, I’ve cancled all my ebay auctions that were running with
paypal and I will never use paypal again, it’s back to good old USPS Money Orders. I appreciate all the info I found on your site as I feel that it’s already saved me at least $400 today. Thank you.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:27 pm

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