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A PayPal Horror Story

By Michelle

I have had so many problems with paypal it’s unreal. First it took me two years to get vertified, and the only way I could do that was close my old account and re-open a new account. Second just recently a customer had a charge back on his card, paypal put a limitation on my account because of this. Then I get emails stating my account is being suspended and now closed because of things I didn’t do. It has defenetly become a paypal horror story. Because after I received that my account was closed, I received emails left and right from paypal on my old account that was closed for months stating there was a lost or stolen credit card, when that account was supposed to have been closed.  

Then I receive an email from a friend stating that he had a money request cancellation in his mailbox from my address when I never sent a money request to him, and the account they were supposed to have closed is still active. I logged in and looked for the day it said that money request cancellation was sent…and there were no transactions at all except for a requested check from me, because the day he received it was the day they were supposed to close my account!   

I have wrote paypal several times, and yet I’ve heard nothing in return. I told them I will never do buisness with them again, and told them if you closed that account it better stay closed cause I can still access it. All this because of a chargeback on a credit card when if you use paypal you have to log in to send a payment.  So please don’t go through paypal, I warn you they are the worse place to do buisness with. There are many other options available other then them.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm

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