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A PayPal Horror

By Toni

 My PayPal horror story…

I had been selling successfully on the Internet for sometime, until the 19/4/2005 when I received an email from paypal telling me they were holding funds $686.00 USD pending an investigation. The email then went on to say for me to supply any information I could to help them in the case, which I did straight away,  This included the buyer address (he was a verified member with a confirmed shipping address) his email address Tracking number, Tracking site so they could track the item and see that the buyer had received the item and signed for it, I ship all my goods with tracking numbers and the online tracking site EMS so customers could feel at ease and see there items were on the way. I also gave them complete emails and the headers that were exchanged between us.

3 days later I received the horror email saying that had reversed payment to the buyer with no other excuse that it was all over red rover!!! I am out of pocket $686 USD and as you all know this is nearly $1,000 AUD Australian dollars Oh!! Original payment from the buyer was made on the 7/3/05 and they tell me not to ship goods over 40 days later, I rang customer support a number of times only for them to tell me because he paid you with a credit card there wasn’t anything they could do I then went on to ask the customer support guy you mean to tell me I can go onto ebay or any other internet buying site max out my credit card get all the items shipped to me, sign for them and then 30 or 40 days later walk into my bank and say I didn’t authorize this payment and the bank will get my
fees back and he said YES!!!

I was gutted, naturally I started to cry, I then went back to paypal pulled all my existing funds and closed my account with them, never again will I deal with them, They told me anything I want to do now I will have to contact my local law enforcement very hard to do as the buyer lives in the UK, Please if you think I have a case please contact me.

Toni x

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:31 am

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