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A Refund Is Impossible

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hey Everyone, I know you have all used PayPal and are upset. What really bothers me is how Ebay/Paypal work together. Once you need help from one they say “We don’t deal with that go to the other” and it’s an endless cycle.

For Example:

I purchased a course on “Ebay selling and auctions” Ways to get the most money out of your auctions. Great, I can make money with no money? How can things go wrong…

I read the entire book and understood it completely, there are companies who are known as “dropshippers” they have several items ready to be shipped out. They will put your address as a return address, to make it look like it came from you. First you have to pay them, then they ship the item with your address. Seems simple? Sure was till PAYPAL got invovled!

I sold an item that was from a drop shipper on Ebay.. The customer wanted to buy the item so he used good old PayPal. Alright, well I need to pay for the item for the dropshipper to send it.. First I would like to put the money into my bank so thats possible!!!

THEY FROZE my account, saying I need PROOF of SHIPPING? Alright, well the stupid course I got said that this would work. I guess it would if Paypal wasn’t around, but PayPal is owned by EBAY. Wouldn’t they put a little more thought into it. There claim about making money with no money of your own is crap!

Alright so fine, I can’t get proof of shipping since I don’t have the item yet! I understand, there is some concern and fradulent activities going on. Great, I will just ask for a check or whatever else since I know the guy myself! Of course I asked paypal nicely to return his money since I can’t issue a refund since my account is FROZEN!! (Neither can they apperently? YA RIGHT! They can close your account in seconds but to issue a refund is impossible? Come on PayPal you think people believe you for one second) I mean they refund all my little payments but one big one and now they freeze it?

Now the guy who was purchasing, is really nice and we get a long just fine. He even took his time called in and said , i trust him just release the payment or send it back to me so I can pay him with another method. Nothing, I sent in every document. Still nothing…? HELLO PayPal? Are you drunk or stupid?

This guy needs his money back, he has received nothing and made a large payment. I even insisted on closing my entire account and never using the service just please REFUND the guy for his money.

After calling about 3 times a day for 2 weeks, they finally issued him a refund but I had to pay some from my bank account. I mean how hard is it to refund someone, takes them 2 seconds. I explained the situation and so did he, what else do they need? Maybe they get interest at the end of the month so they kept it till then haha, I don’t know. Whoever organized that entire service needs some serious help and needs to think other people and what he is putting them threw.

It’s just ridiculous, I can’t believe they are still around.

I know everyone recommends other companies, but PayPal is owned by Ebay. People just need to know that Paypal is a fraud. Don’t think make enough without cheating people? I haven’t heard anyone getting a coverage for using there service. It’s always everyone elses fault but there own for having such an organized business runned by a bunch of….

Well watch out, and hopefully they will get shut down or replaced.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:21 am

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2 thoughts on “A Refund Is Impossible
  1. AnotherANGRYMouse on

    Falsely accused on ebay. Buyer remorse case. Buyer lost. Filed with paypal. Buyer lost again. Filed with credit card company.BUYER LOST AGAIN BUT NOW OUR ACCOUNT IS FROZEN! We have a mortgage, utilities, food and other bills due that can’t be paid because even though we won our case every step of the way… OUR ACCOUNT IS FROZEN! A lot of money is on hold with no justifiable reason given for the hold. The paypal representative said, they need to babysit our money in case WE screw up and can’t make a refund! LOL… We had a refund that couldn’t be made because paypal has STOLEN OUR MONEY!!! WTF!!! We have a perfect feedback score with over 1500 feedback 100% top rated sellers! We have been dealing on ebay since 2006 WITH A PERFECT SCORE! Where does paypal get off stealing our money? Where is the law to protect people from this type of robbery? WE WERE FALSELY ACCUSED! WE WON ALL CASES! WHY ARE WE BEING TREATED LIKE CRIMINALS AND TOLD THAT WE NEED A BABYSITTER TO PROTECT US FROM OUR OWN MONEY??????? RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • AnotherANGRYMouse on

      Maybe, they aren’t stealing it. But it sure does feel like it. Sure feels like the money we make isn’t really our money. The businesses we run, aren’t really our businesses. Call me crazy, if you must, but it sure does feel like we work for ebay and paypal and as their employees, they tell US how the cow eats grass. If THEY say, we are not worthy, then we must not be worthy and no amount of debate is enough to sway the opinion of the entity on the phone. We only deserve whatever they are willing to Give us of our own finances? They OWN our money? But… Didn’t WE earn it? If we earned it, how is it that they believe THEY own it and can deny us access at any time? Didn’t WE put up the capital to get the party started? Didn’t WE invest the time? Didn’t WE hunt for the items? Didn’t WE invest the funds to obtain those items? How did we become employees of ebay and paypal?

      How did they go from being a vehicle for self employment to the point where they have final say over our lives and our finances?

      How can they inflict such turmoil into peoples lives and then treat the people whose lives they have just turned inside out like there is something wrong with THEM because they are distressed over the sudden unforeseen change in their current economic circumstance. WHO WOULDN’T BE UPSET???

      Seems like we work for ebay and paypal and what they say goes. It doesn’t matter what is right or what is wrong. We are a number in a computer. We are a name on a screen. We are information input by unknown entities and these unknown, unseen entities have the power to really turn a persons life inside out…

      Most ebay sellers are hand to mouth. I know we are. So what is happening to us has a really big impact into our lives and it all started with a false accusation against us. An accusation we are told by paypal that we won. So why is it that our account is being so dramatically impacted and our finances with held from us only to be doled out a little bit at a time? Why are we being accused? AND WHY WON’T THEY TELL US WHAT WE DID WRONG??? Why are we having to suffer this consequence? I just don’t understand.