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About PayPal And Minors

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I had a paypal account for my son’s eBay account. On eBay’s regulations, it states that you can own an eBay account as long as you have permission from a parent or guardian. So that was fine then. But then my son entered the eBay community forum and at one stage, stated his age. In eBay’s regulation, it does state the community forum should not be used by under 18′s. My son was under 18 but this notice was only posted in a mesage in a topic elsewhere on the forum. Somebody reported him and then eBay gave us a warning.

BUT THEN, Paypal froze my account for no reason!!! I had to cancel several auctions and retract bids and for months, I couldn’t sell any more until I recently started up new accounts with different credit card details etc. I e-mailed paypal many times about my situation and they ignored my e-mails. I e-mailed about things which had nothing to do with the situation, and they replyed then!!

Then, just recently, they froze my account AGAIN one weekend so they could collect more and more information from us, again affecting my buisness. Luckily, things are going ok now, but I’m still angry because they take 24p almost a quarter of the price from each 99p eBook I sell on eBay plus listing fees and final value fees. I still use Paypal, but I prefer Nochex, Greenzap and a new auction site:

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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