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About PayPal Extortion

By Eric

Upon receiving money from a customer, paypal decided to limit my account. One of the things they asked for was a fax of my statement. NO problem. The customer could not wait for his shipment another couple of days so a refund was in order. Upon logging back into paypal, my account was limited! I proceeded to refund the gentleman, no refund buttons. OK fine, paypal please refund this person. In about 1 week they did, minus the 4% charge for receiving the money. When I called, i got the same response “our policy is not to refund that charge” so I asked if this policy is in the policy when you sign up. No answer! I asked again. Again, no answer. they made over $300 for doing nothing and have forced me to pay this money to the gentleman involved.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:25 am

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