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If you accept Paypal, take note

If you accept Paypal, take note

We’ve had our fair share of hiccups with Paypal over the course of the 13 years we’ve used it

But this latest fiasco was the last straw for us…
Adios, Paypal

Let me tell you what happened to us
(and could happen to you)

We sold some nightstands on Etsy
They were available for custom paint
but the buyer wanted them “as-is”

Of course, we have the entire conversation documented in our Etsy email convo (not that I thought I’d need it for evidence…geez!)

Since she didn’t want them painted, we paid for the shipping ($120 plus time and packing supplies)

Custom orders typically ship in 4-6 weeks but because these were going “as-is”, they were ready to ship immediately

We shipped the items within two days
(hooray, the client will be so surprised!)

We send client notification that items have shipped, and she replies with “I want to cancel my order, I found some I like better”
and follows up with a nasty email saying we shipped them early on purpose before she could change her mind

We don’t accept returns, especially on items that have already shipped We try to be fair…if the items haven’t shipped, or custom work hasn’t started we’ll make exceptions

She tries to file a dispute with Etsy, who tells her she agreed to our shop policies when she made her purchase To Etsy’s credit, they pretty much let you run your own business (what a concept!) so long as your policies are stated and they don’t violate Etsy’s own policies

The buyer then files a Paypal claim for non-receipt, even though she knows they are on their way

Paypal allows a dispute for non-receipt within two days of purchase?

No worries, right? All we have to do is provide Paypal with the tracking info to show proof of shipment and delivery We shipped via UPS with tracking

Per tracking the items arrived
Case closed, right?
Now she files a dispute saying the items are not as described claiming she wanted them green and we told her we don’t paint things green…
(I’m not joking. I wish I was. She seriously said this in her dispute claim.)

Again, no worries because I have the conversation from Etsy where she specifically said she wanted them just as they were.
One of the emails said
“I don’t want them painted, just send them as they are”
I take a screen shot of the entire convo and send it to Paypal.
Guess what?
Screen shots and emails ARE NOT ADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE

Paypal emails the buyer and tells her that we have AGREED to refund her if she returns the items No one even contacted us about it I hardly call that agreement!

You know Paypal pulls that money RIGHT out of your account until a dispute is settled, right?
So all this time, we are out the items AND the money

Fine, we think. At least she has to return the items.
We’re out the shipping costs,
but we can resell the items
Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing
and really, what can we do at this point?

Paypal stipulates that the items must be shipped back to us by 10/27 with proof via tracking info

On 10/26, I get an email saying the items have been shipped and a tracking # is provided

Paypal says they will “officially” refund her once the items are delivered and we have confirmed they are in the same condition they left us in

I check the tracking # on Monday,
because she’s in-state and in-state delivery with UPS is next day

Guess what? The tracking # is no good…

So I email Paypal and they confirm that yes, indeed, the tracking # she provided is not valid (don’t they bother to check these things?)

My next email from Paypal SHOULD be a proper tracking #, right?
Or perhaps an email saying the case was closed because the buyer failed to fulfill her end of the deal?

It’s a notice that they have SIDED WITH THE BUYER and refunded her in full

Evidently, you can buy something,
claim it wasn’t what you expected,
promise to return it,
get a full refund,
and keep the items
All you have to do is pay with Paypal
file a claim
and make up a tracking number

So, now we have NO items returned to us
NO payment for the items
NO tracking info to prove they were even sent and NO RECOURSE because Paypal does as they please with YOUR money

I know. I’m sort of in shock.
How can this be?
If I was reading this, written by someone else, I’d assume they were exaggerating or there was more to the story

I’m not, and there isn’t.

This is what you agree to when you agree to accept Paypal

It doesn’t matter if you do everything right…
timely shipping, tracking…
you can still get scammed, and Paypal lets it happen in fact, they facilitate it happening

Posted: October 30, 2013 at 4:44 pm

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