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Account Block – Money Stolen

Hi there, I came across this website some time ago, and since then have had a good few problems with paypal, But my most recent Hassles gave me the urge to really just let everyone know how much paypal actually does suck.
About 6 months ago i started up my own online business, and used ebay and other sites to sell my items, I was always constantly in a dispute with a buyer on ebay over something, because as much as i hate to say it out of all the genuine people out there that just want to purchase things online and make genral life easier, there is a small (and growing ) minority of people who think that ebay and such sites are an easy target for free items etc.
out of every 20 transactions i would say there was 1. The items i was selling were reasonably expensive at ¬£105.99 each so i can see how they were “high risk” which is why i always sent my items special delivery, recorded and signed for next day delivery. kept all my receipts as proof of postage and kept to paypals rules.
All the cases were sorted out, And many times it proved that the buyer was fraudulent or just at it trying to con money however apparently these cases still count towards your history which affects you long term, il explain how it did to me now.
As usual i was selling my items on ebay with very little hassle only the odd buyer was a problem, My business was starting to grow and i was happy with it, I asked ebay to up my selling allowances (for the 3rd time) , And they said that because of the Amount i was allowed to sell already that they would now like confirmation of my address suppliers and id. My address was of course already confirmed with paypal in order for me to use it as a business especially, and i had done hundreds of transactions so far already. I thought it was just ebay doing some security checks and agreed to send them the details. After sending them they did not get back to me within the time they said and i had to call them AGAIN, they then told me they weren’t happy with something or other blah blah blah anyway i sorted that and while i was waiting on it getting reviewed because i had sent everything, PAYPAL puts a hold on my account and freezes things for “high risk items selling and fraudulent activity.” (note that from this point on i could not contact ebay as there call section on the website had paypals customer support number only, as i had to sort my paypal account out before being allowed to use ebay again.
Now paypal decides to list things that i need to send them, (many of which i have done previously and it was all confirmed.) by this point im very frustrated it has caused me to not be able to sell things for 2 weeks, i am self employed and need access to the site, i had stayed in line with all there rules and sent them everything they has asked for but had nothing done about my case, so i was left basically able to do nothing because they were too damn stupid to look at the information i had sent them.and they had the cheek to say that if i did not reply quick enough my account would be permanently frozen.
So i phone them up to see whats happening and speak to a helpful customer service agent for once and he says that everything looks in order and that he would make sure that he put my case through that day to be reviewed or whatever.
i woke up the next morning to a frozen account and an email telling me i was permanently barred from using their service, furious i called them and stated that i had spoke to someone yesterday and that he had said it would be sent for review, The out of country hardly english speaking idiot bluntly told me to do one because their decision is final no matter what and that there was nothing i could do about it.
I tried to appeal this decision and was told it was because i was selling high risk items, I said so now im not allowed to sell something on EBAY because you PAYPAL deem it as high risk, even though i have hundreds of buyers stating otherwise. This has been it for me so far and i am now out of work at the moment and had been hoping it would be rectified by now, Paypal took 1 month to tell me to Fu*k off because i asked for my selling allowances upped.
You can all imagine someone who has just started up their own business not working for a month, it just does not work.
I hope that this will stop people from using the damn site. It is very commercial and looks very appealing and safe but trust me, it is far from it.
I would like People to maybe come together and maybe make a petition of some sort , i haven’t thought it through thoroughly yet, but together surely something can be done against this giant.

Posted: August 3, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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One thought on “Account Block – Money Stolen
  1. Tage on

    paypal and ebay deems tons of people high risk and then take their money and earn interest of it or does short term investments for 1980 days before you have to beg to get back you own money. they are absolutely disgusting and the ultimate when it comes to corporate greed.