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Account blocked after a few transactions


Paypal has blocked my account for no reason, i never had any complaint from buyer and i just have sold 3-4 items, i provide all the details which they requested and still they blocking my account and saying that it will never be activated and u can withdraw money after 180 days, they says to buyer that they can dispute transaction within 45 days so why they wan to keep money for 180 days ??

And they show one transaction -$155 and i asked buyer if there was any problem and buyer replied that nothing is wrong everything is perfect, it means paypal want to take money from my account and keep it to themself ? then i called there call centre and they cant even do maths, they dont know how much is 300+155 ??? and they are very rude with customers. Nothing but a horrible and costly experience. Save your money and stay away from pay pal

Posted: November 21, 2012 at 5:45 pm

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One thought on “Account blocked after a few transactions
  1. Stevie on

    My paypal story started out very good, I was selling used phones and making good money. About 4 months in to selling when I go to withdraw $5000 from my paypal account (this is where the Bad start) I get a msg stating that my account is limited and they are holding my money for 6 months. I tried to get the limitation appealed but nope, they wont hear me out or give me an explanation why they are holding my money and froze my account