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Account Held Hostage

By Nancy

Pay pal linked my sons account and my account back in Feb. of 05 because he sold some information items online and the person who bid for this item of course didn’t read and thought he was getting the item not the information.  My son transferred the money to me because he owed me money.  I of course didn’t think anything of it and I transferred it into my back account and then it began.  In Feb. of 05 they froze my sons account and my account immediately after the person complained.  We called them (that’s a waste of time) and they told my son that he had bring his account back to zero.  Note that not only did they restrict and put a lean on his account for $1908.32, they also did the exact same thing to my account for the exact amount of money. 

Now remember we have had numerous phone calls to them with agents that have had no training because they all tell you something different.  My son paid his debt in March of 05 and on the date the transaction cleared they reversed all the charges back to his account.  Now in my world, when you reverse something it means the apposite.  So, I called pay pal again and explained the situation and asked them if my account was negative 1908.32 and you reversed it wouldn’t that make my account 0???? 

NOPE, they explained something to me that made some weird sense but they also said that he would be able to release his account and that the funds could be transferred to my account inorder to bring me up to good standing.  We waited about a week and nothing happened so I called again.  This customer service rep stated that the other rep was wrong and that they hold monies for 180 days that would make it July of this year before he can receive the money.  In the mean time, we have paid them $3816.64 for a debt that was only 1908.32.  Does that make sense to anyone. 

The final straw was that I paid the amount to clear my account and stop it from going to collections because even though they told me it wouldn’t I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths even if it were notarized.  Anyhow, I paid the amount, I received an email stating that it has been applied to my account, yada yada so I log on and see that my account is STILL RESTRICTED.  I get on the phone AGAIN and speak with another customer service rep. and at this point I’m really trying to be nice.  She seemed very helpful and she spoke to JOHH THE SENIOR AGENT who told her to tell me that if I fax them a copy of my drivers license they would lift the restriction.  Infact, she told me that John would do it right away yesterday.  Well, of course, John did nothing so I faxed him again this morning with the same information and a nice little note. 

So far, nothing has been done so this led me to you.  I thought to myself that I can not be the only one this has happened to.  The are totally imcompetent.  I’ve filed a claim against them with the BBB, we’ll se what happens, they did help me once before.  We all know how this story ends, they are making it so that I can’t use my account and I can’t close my account.  They are actually holding my credit card and bank account hostage and they will deal with me when they feel like it.

Thank you for your time.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:07 am

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