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My account was limited due to a “High Risk”

I had 1 EBAY and 1 Pay pal account. My account was limited due to a “High Risk” I asked why my account was limited and they said “computer items are High Risk” I submitted all the documents they asked for and my EBAY account was suspended as I couldn’t pay my seller fees due to having all my credit cards linked to a limited pay pal account. I contact customer services on EBAY and they say it is pay pal who is responsible, EBAY then ask me to send a postal order for £1.05 in EBAY fees! I ring pay pal up to explain the situation and they say that I am blocked forever and they must part ways with me! I asked why and they said it’s because I have 2 pay pal accounts, (turns out I had one years ago) it seems they can not make their mind up why they limited my account? first they say computer parts are a high risk, then they say it’s because I have 2 accounts?

Posted: September 8, 2014 at 7:26 pm

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