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Account Limited forever!!!

The arseholes at Paypal are persecuting me for a mistake I made without realizing when I was no more then a child with my first account. I’m an honest seller and PayPal user, I’ve never cheated anyone and never would. I’ve used paypal for so many years without any issues and the only ever issue I’ve had was due to the loss of a family member in 2011 that I wasn’t able to fill out my obligations to sellers to send their items on time (Only because I had to fly out to San Francisco to stay with my family for a week as a matter of urgency and I was sick with depression as a result.) I was only unable to send a few items and every member was given a refund. I’ve tried countless times to explain what happened and begged for ways I could put it right. I’ve paid off any negative balances from any accounts, resolved any outstanding issues, explained my story to countless PayPal representatives yet all I get told is that your decision l is final and you don’t want my business. I’ve been told countless times if I pay this or do that, that my account would be restored yet this has never happened and no reason ever given other that that the decision. I’ve begged them to reconsider my account status, look into my finances if they need to, I can provide anything they need. It seems so unfair that any hopes I ever had have now been crippled because of one mistake. I’ve been doing some research and it doesn’t take much of a search on google before you realize there are so many honest users of Paypal in the same situation who have been left in this predicament with no way to resolve it. I’ve kept every single email reply and recorded every phone conversation I’ve had so far regarding my account status as I feel I’ve been tricked by Paypal, received false promises and lies. I’ve been told every time that my status was being escalated and that someone would get back to me within 4-6 hours and yet received nothing for days, when I do finally hear back….

Important information:

We appreciate your interest in PayPal; however, our decision to leave your account in a permanent limitation status is final.

This measure is necessary to protect against the risk of bad customer experiences and financial losses, in view of certain activity related to your account that we have reason to believe has taken place.

So much for treating customers right you arseholes.

Posted: April 4, 2013 at 6:18 pm

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