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Account limited despite information provided

I have a serious problem with paypal. I had an old issue with some buyer, he stole my coins and got his money back from the sale then I appealed this case and PayPal decided that i was right.So i got my money back and then this guy appeal this case again and won.PayPal is asking to give the money back but i will never do this.
A year after i open a new account to paypal to my wife s name.
After some sales they have block the second account and they got a limitation.
They have frozen my 1.000$ from the last sales and they ask me to send my wifes ID and some other stuff.
I send everything they ask but my money are still frozen and they never answer in my emails but they sending me always the same answer that i have to call them first but when I call I never get a person to talk too, just holds and hang ups.

Posted: May 5, 2014 at 4:47 pm

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