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Account limited after lying buyer won dispute

After eBay found in favour of a buyer in a dispute PayPal put a hold on my account and refunded ¬£320 to the lying cow that opened a case, however the money wasn’t in my paypal account as I had already transferred to my bank. This then sent my PayPal Acc into a neg balance. They limited my Acc which in turn stopped me being able to earn money to cover the negative balance! They then limited everybody who was connected to me in case I used their accounts, I have been plunged into a great deal of financial difficulty due to them being biased towards buyers and not caring about sellers. I have phone calls all day and letters from debt collectors threatening me and I’m at the point of breaking now, I’m being treated for depression and anxiety and am being made to feel like a criminal all without any explanation other than I am “high risk”!

Posted: December 12, 2012 at 3:44 pm

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One thought on “Account limited after lying buyer won dispute
  1. Martha on

    Paypal froze the funds for 30 days until they could confirm delivery which they state would release the funds 3 days after confirmation of delivery. I had to call them and complained that it was 10 to 15 days after delivery was made … so why are the funds not released. They then froze all the funds and started requesting copies of Drivers License, Utility Bills and Bank Statements. I’m a 70 year old and ship out the next day payment is received. Trying to move to different selling sights.