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Unable to Cancel PayPal Account!

By Chris Heffner

Hello Everyone, I just wanted everyone to know that I have found paypal to be one of my worst experiences so far. I am a 100% positve feedback seller on Ebay where I have sold hundeds and hundreds of items. I was coerced very early in my Ebay career by Paypal to upgrade my account with to include higher fees only to later lean how much it would hurt me later.

I sold a guitar ($215.00) and in my Ebay description included: “sold AS-IS” , “No Warranty” , “Does Not Work”, “Well used and Plenty of Scratches”. I was paid thru Paypal and when the buyer received the item he complains that it does not sound right…..? Could I have downgraded my item any further??? I offerd the person a 20% refund wich was above and beyond my obligation since I declared no warranty ect. He did not responde and went on to file a claim thru Paypal for a refund. This locked my Paypal for weeks while they “investigated” and eventually Paypal found in his favor and without any rebutal or dignity they removed the monies from my account and granted the buyer a refund!

Now, even though I will never use Paypal again I cannot cancel my account with them without going thru a multitude of leaps and bounds! “Whatever”, I say. I will just blindly change my password so that even I dont know what it is and move on. Thanks for this site! Chris in Kansas

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:15 am

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