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Can’t use my account to pay for anything

I hold credit cards issued in (at least) 5 different countries. I live in Italy and, despite my name, I am a citizen of Italy. Typically, my credit cards are issued in other countries (not in Italy, that is), but the billing address would be in Italy. That’s what PayPal does not allow. All my attempts to open PayPal accounts (or pay purchases via PayPal) will inevitably fail. Whenever I try to open a PayPal account they take their random verification fee from my credit card and will never give it back. Instead they will immediately set my account to “limited”, meaning I cannot use it. Let me repeat: I never ever tried to SELL (that is, receive other people’s money) through PayPal. I just want to purchase (PAY) through PayPal using credit cards that are in perfect standing (and so are my credit reports in all countries involved). Xenophobic PayPal says: “No can do.”

Posted: November 12, 2013 at 7:50 pm

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