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Activation drama

Two days ago I spent $5.00 to purchase a prepaid paypal debit mastercard. I called to activate the card this morning because I need Cash. After putting all my info out there over the phone, everything, from my SSN to where I live to my moms maiden name; Paypal still won’t activate my card so I can use it. Now they want me to go someplace and fax them a copy of my SS Card and my driver license or ID. WHY! Why should I have to fax you anything? This is my money. The cashier received cash from me and handed me in return the paypal card with the funds I gave her on the card. The customer svc rep verified that the amount of money I paid is on the card but will not let me get my money without all this nonsense. I don’t have a fax or scanner, or why should I need one to get back my money. I am totally pissed with paypal and their reps who barely speak english. Well, I had a hard time understanding them. Why is paypal holding my money that I desparatly need today hostage. I hate them. I need my money.

Posted: January 9, 2013 at 7:14 pm

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