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Can’t add second bank account to PayPal account

Okay, I added a bank account a few weeks ago and had no issues and now I’m trying to add another one and it’s saying “We don’t recognize this device” when I’m not only using the same device as when I added the first bank account, but the same device I’ve been using PayPal for the past 3 years. So it asked for a phone number to verify my identity, no problem. But oh wait, it says the phone number isn’t registered in my name, so now I have to wait. Don’t get on a family phone plan, you won’t be able to add your bank account apparently. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but to think this “Don’t recognize your device” is bullshit, kinda like DUI checkpoints. And what does my phone being registered in my name have to do with adding my bank account? My phone is more legit and trustworthy on a phone plan then someone putting their name on a prepaid burner phone. I mean, PayPal does shit like this all the time, and has for years. It’s funny how you can be verified and have a PayPal account for years in good standing with all your private personal and financial information on it and STILL constantly run into security checks, and limitations, and verification inquiries.

Posted: September 15, 2014 at 8:36 pm

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