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Additional Credit Card

By Charles Smith

One of the big problems with Paypal is that you need an additional credit card account with a valid address that matches that with your existing credit card account (that is, the shipping address and the billing address must match perfectly)—if your valid address on your existing credit card is considered invalid by Paypal.

If you have to have an additional credit card to open up a Paypal account…there are hassles on the way. You have to write the credit card application, and hope that your credit score and credit rating will be perfect enough to keep the credit card company from rejecting the credit card application. If you are rejected, then you are completely out of luck and you won’t be able to use Paypal indefinitely.

Banks usually will never allow you to require an additional credit card to open a new account from a bank….despite the fact that they will require at least a photo ID and/or birth certificate to do so under the new USA Patriot Act. (The reason for the new identification requirements for opening new bank accounts, which started almost immediately after the 9-11 attacks, is to help stop money laundering for terrorism purposes.)

Charles Smith

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:42 am

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