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I would advise anyone to avoid PayPal

Paypal suspended my account 6 months ago.
They wanted all my personal info to prove I’m not helping terrorists overseas.
Actually my information is easily obtained as I am a self employed health worker and worked in my profession for 45 years.
I’ve been using Paypal for 15 years with no more than a few hundred dollars transactions per year.
It’s just a hobby for Gods sake!
I sent them everything to prove who I am – according to their directions.
They just send me the same photo-copied request for more information as well as the information I’ve already submitted !!?
I wrote back telling them to keep my money – I’m not going to play their stupid game any longer.
I will never deal with Paypal again and I will advise all other sellers to avoid them !
They are just like Facebook and all the other big companies – they get so big and self-serving that small people like us don’t concern them.
So they don’t bother to answer complaints.
Having a large complaints department would cost them too much.
It’s all driven by greed and employees that can’t be bothered asking for changes to help the consumer.
The Australian Immigration department is another example – anyone who works there is happy with the status quo, they get their salary
every month, so why rock the boat by making any changes that might help genuine immigrants to get a visa!
Easier to concentrate on welcoming illegal immigrants – gives them a warm hearted feeling!
We have millions of beautiful, highly educated, English speaking people who want to come to Australia – but they can’t come because
of pig-headed old policies passed down by politicians that are interested in anything but their own perks.
Instead we get hordes of ugly, un-educated non-English speaking people who want to live here at the expense of the tax-payer while they insist
on bringing their primitive culture and ugly habits with them!

Posted: May 17, 2013 at 5:43 pm

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