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Airing My Irritation

By Rachel

I would like to air my irritation with PayPal, the company that is widely used to facilitate payments on sites such as Ebay. I have learned the hard way, that PayPal is not like your credit card company.

Unlike your credit card company which will usually work with you if a seller defrauds you in some way or does not honor an agreement of sale, or a guarantee relating to that sale, and credit you with the charge, PayPal will do nothing of any consequence to help you with the problem. They have a complaint inquiry process which ultimately is useless unless you can prove that the seller shipped nothing to you. As long as something was shipped, however useless that item might be, regardless of any guarantees you may have received from your seller, you are left out in the cold or I should say out of your money by PayPal. It will not help you with items received, not as described.

American Express which is usually very good about issuing a credit to your account when you have been cheated by a seller, or an item purchased is not as described, or guaranteed by the seller, will also do nothing to help you if you use PayPal. American Expresss position with PayPal charges is that because PayPal is a third party payment facilitator, and not the party that has wronged you, they will not debit any payment made to PayPal. I am disappointed with American Expresses position on this as well.

PayPals position is that as long as the seller can show that they shipped something to you, regardless of what it is, I suppose under its policy, it could be a box of cow manure, they will not debit that sellers account or do anything to help you recover your money. They will tell you, its between you and the seller alone.

It is my understanding by another Ebay customer, that PayPal is now owned by Ebay and therefore has no incentive to cancel sales which would reduce its commissions. So all those using PayPal, BEWARE! If your seller is not honest, and unfortunately there are a lot of those out there, you can be cheated with no where to turn short of any help you might be able to get through the consumer fraud complaint process.

I would also like to add that any shipments that you return to Canada, will be very difficult to trace and prove since according to my local post office, return receipts are not available on air parcel post shipments. I frankly do not understand this since Canadian citizens do have that privilege when using our postal system. This was another reason that made dealing with PayPal even more irritating. The seller was Canadian. My return was insured. However because no return receipt or tracking number was available on that shipment and the seller claims not to have never received the returned merchandise, I was out not only my payment to that seller, but the not as described item as well!

Incidentally, that item that was sent to me was in a box marked, returned merchandise. This seller may have a pretty good scam working, selling merchandise that is returned repeatedly and never credited to the previous customer. PayPals response? PROVE IT! Wheres your tracking number? And of course without a return receipt or tracking number (which as I stated, is not available for Canadian shipments), I couldnt provide it. It is immaterial in any event since PayPal stated they would not refund the funds since the seller shipped the item to me and the fact that I returned it whether received or not, was between me and the seller and not PayPals problem. To ad insult to injury, their representive on the phone was extremely rude and impatient when trying to discuss the issue.

I for one, will not being doing business with Canada again except with reputable firms, and will definitely never, never use PayPal again. I will never use Ebay again, unless the seller has a credit card merchant account. Otherwise, you are putting your trust in a very flawed system. PayPal is a quick way to be cheated out of your money by dishonest sellers.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:35 am

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