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No Problems Until Things Got Real Bad

By Jan Harriss

I sold an item on ebay. I mailed it on the 25. On the 26th, Paypal sent me an email saying  the buyer was complainng that they hadn’t gotten their item. The website “resolution” center gives you only 2 basic options: give a refund or show ONLINE verifiable proof that the item wa sent. So, the seller would have gotten the item on the 28th, and on that same day, Paypal sent the buyer back their money! Two days afterr they notified me!

So now the buyer has my item AND my money. And won’t return either. I no longer take Paypal. And it’s not just  happening to me, it’s Other sellers I know also.

Suddenly! I went 4-5 years with no hassle. Then this month, three complaints against me through Paypal. And same thing happening to others as well. What’s going on?

Thank God, I never ever verified my bank account with them. I knew if I did that, that they would have access to my account! Far as I’m concerned, Paypal can go screw themselves.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 8:07 am

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2 thoughts on “No Problems Until Things Got Real Bad
  1. Helena Crow on

    Paypal really knows how to press our buttons don’t they?! Seriously after 1 day the buyer started complaining, I think that’s even against their policy. They are supposed to give your 7 days to ship out an item. I’m surprised this didn’t go in your favor. Maybe the ticket value had something to do with it. I found that they get antsy when you sell a lot of high price goods.

    • Marlene Lerma on

      I had a problem similar to yours with eBay seller stated I bought a car for 8,999.00 and I never received the car but the money was taken from my account because the detail stated PURCHASED !meaning SOLD right?so I called Mae a complaint they had me on hold now mind you this is eBay,I don’t ever recall even being interested in this car especially to buy one thru eBay so lo and behold after all the wasted time I logged into my eBay account and wat????no trace of ANY type if messages nothing if the conversation if trying to fix it with the sellier as there was prior messages from the seller only after I hung up with support team then the next day they’re wiped out??wats that tell you EIPPED OFF FOR $9k