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Always Stand To Lose

By Hannah Flowers

paypal is the worst way anyone could ever transfer money!! beware! with paypal you always lost…they do not care who you are or how much money you have.  they will take it somehow.  Being a transfer company, they are pretty rediculous on the restricctions that they have.  being a college student three hours form home (iwth my bank account at home) i can’t even transer money to my mom and dad’s account so that they can put it in my bank without having to provide proodf or shipment and inventory??? what the ???  This is suppose to be the easiest and safest way to handle money.  How can you handle your money if they keep taking it.  oh, and i might add that the customers of paypal can ALWAYS accept money into their paypal account while it is limited, but that is only so that they can keep it for themselves.  not a joke. in the end paypal can hold it without permission. Illegal??? yes. 

They are a transfer company, not a lawyer or someone of higherr autority.. they think that they are! My own bank account informs me of irregular activity without locking up my money.  and trust me i have tons more money in their than i would ever have in paypal. so beware, they are a complete joke and i warn you as a concerned customer. Bidpay. it is actually safe and easy.  They will not lock up your money without speaking to you first.  Thanks paypal, you have Stolen over a thousand dollars from me.i would like to have it back.  there will definitely be another lawsuit against you soon.. Everyone, please understand that i am warning you of what will happen..don’t think it won’t, they will play “the good people” when in the end they are crooks

……have a great day…

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:47 pm

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