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Another One Bites The Dust

By G. Warren Manigault

I was scammed by a company called Asico Technology. They used my PayPal account to do it. The company contacted me to see if I would like to make some money by processing software orders for them.

The plan was that orders would be placed thru my PayPal account and I would keep a portion of each transaction as payment for handling the paperwork. The customer would purchase a product from their
website, download it and the credit transaction would be sent to my PayPal account for processing.  I would send a money order to the company with their share of the payment minus my commission. 

Now that I have been scammed it should have been obvious that I was going to be taken.

After about four purchases from different ‘buyers’ with different credit cards my account was frozen and I got an email saying they were investigating me for possible fradulent charges being paid to my account.  ???  To make a long story short PayPal determined that the credit card charges were not authorized and reversed all of the payments to me and sent me a notice that I need to put in to the bank $600.97 to cover my now negative balance.

When I asked them about the’Buyer Protection Plan’ they informed me that it did not apply to products downloaded because they are not delivered to an actual address (postal address) I would not ‘qualify’ for protection under their ‘Buyer Protection Plan’.

When I appealed to them that I was not involved in the scheme,  I was not the person or the company who accepted the fradulent charges (they were) They were very very unsympathetic and said that ‘sorry there is nothing we can do’.

I paid them off.  They then turned around and canceled my Debit card and reduced the amount of money I could receive on my account.  When I asked them why they did this I was told that this was done for ‘security reasons’ based on my past history.

I closed my account in disgust!

I would never do any business with them again!

This is the most unprofessional and unethical company I have ever dealt with.  I now watch my bank account every month just to make sure no ‘bogus’ charges show up there since they still have all my banking information.  What a terrible waste of a perfectly good idea!!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:07 am

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