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Another PayPal Flub

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Another Paypal flub with service reps who don’t care or don’t follow their own rules…

I was in a habit of paying for my ebay purchases with my credit card only with Paypal. I had not sold anything on ebay for many many months so my Paypal account was running 0.00 for a long time. I happened to go into my account to pay for another ebay lot when I noticed a 1500 + negative balance. After checking into the single transaction causing this, I found it to be a charge from a Candle company in Europe. I check on ebay for this company and found it to be legit and 100% feedback rating. I reported it to Paypal as an unauthorized transaction (actually, I believe it was a flub within Paypal.) After several attempts and a week of frozen account activity, Paypal creditted back the account everything except 71.00 +. since I new my account was at 0.00 I called again and to my surprise, the rep “chewed me out” for not sending in an affidavit and that paypal was waiting for this.

I tried to reason with the person that I had received confirmation via e mail by Paypal that indeed the transaction was unauthorized and why would I need an affidavit for 71.00 dispute and not a 1500 + dispute which was already credited? No reasoning with this person so I had them send me a blank affidavit and I filled it out as advised and faxed it back to them “as advised”. I received an email back that the affidavit was received and that I would receive a response in 4-5 days. On day 6 I called again and was advised that they were waiting for a “hard copy” from me. I read them their own e mail response regarding this requirement and was chewed out again for not knowing that they needed a hard copy.

I lost my cool then, I demanded the account be closed, I don’t need them. As of this writing, the account is still frozen with a 71.00 balance. I can only hope I can get it closed so I can eliminate my credit card and bank info from it.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:11 am

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