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Here’s One For You

By: Sharon

I recently signed up with PayPal in order to buy software on Ebay with the “Buy It Now” button. Heck, it works pretty easy, you dont even have to go to the PayPal site. And I sure as heck didnt have to go to the trouble of reading—-or
accepting any TOS agreement!!!!!(Nice One Paypal)

Anyway, trying to complete the “Buy It Now” process resulted in a screen that said there was a problem with my PayPal account and I would have to contact to resolve it. It put me off buying anything at the time, but I thought that sometime later I might want to use the account and I wanted to get things straightened out so I could.

Anyway I contacted them and recieved an email that said I had to register a credit card with them. Not unreasonable I thought—but I had already done that.

Signing into my PayPal account I discovered that they didnt have my CC on file. So I filled in details(again) and waited.

The next thing I discover is that there is a $1000 charge against my credit card to PayPal. Excuse me? Logging into my PayPal account reveals that Paypal has NOT deducted any funds! What?….my credit card statement says otherwise!!!

A phone call to PayPal Customer Service assures me that no charges have been made by PayPal from my credit card. A call to my credit card Customer Service assures me that a $1000 charge HAS been made by PayPal!

I didnt BUY anything! PayPal says I didnt buy anything…however a printed statement from my Credit Card company says PayPal charged $1000 to my credit card. It’s Fraud, pure and simple. You guys are doing a great job….I am eager
to see the day when PayPal goes down.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:01 am

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