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I have apparently reached my selling limits

I have been an ebay customer for years and used it periodically. Recently I have started using again but paypal limited my account after a month due to change in amount of money going through account. when it was finally restored it was done with an 80% reserve, i grudgingly accepted this and then went on to list on ebay only to find I had apparently reached a selling limit in the category i was selling. my account is an old one and has no limits on so I called ebay. ebay advised it was a limit on samsung goods only, so try listing a different item. I tried and it still failed so I called back and was told it was not a limit on samsung but a limit on my account but they cannot verify the amount as the system is not generating a limit. I asked to speak to a supervisor, waited 45 min and then told no one available. I called today and was told that my limit on mobile and electronics is only 3-5 items a month they think!! I wanted to change account to a business one so I could increase amount i can list but apparantely the need to limit my amount for 3 months regardless and i need to sell othre things and tehn they will consider a business account despite the fact that the business model will only sell electronics!! no guarantees i will be allowed a business account and no real reason why i cant do now except that they are treating my as a new ebayer despite having feedback that is great because i had a year gap between selling on ebay!! so stuck as this was my source of income and I have quit my job and everything! no help at ebay esp as they all speak terrible english! And using Paypal is nothing but problems and a headache.

Posted: May 29, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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5 thoughts on “I have apparently reached my selling limits
  1. Lindsay Perez on

    Using paypal is without a doubt the WORST way to take credit cards online. An 80% reserve? Whatever they are smoking, pass it around! How are you supposed to operate on a 20% margin? Bastards.

    • Cameron on

      I had the same problem with paypal and there limitation bullshit! After 6 months I was still limited. This was damaging my business so i decided to search around and found this great paypal alternative. try it for yourself. Best this about this company is if it doesnt work for you, you can cancel at any time and there is no hassle!!!

  2. EllenMingas on

    Using Paypal is very unreliable. You never know what they will think of next to stop you from making a few dollars. Spending limit is just another way for them to hold your money and earn some interest off of it. I think you would be better off getting rid of paypal and applying for a merchant account. The only reason paypal can screw with you like this is because they are not regulated in any way. They aren’t even FDIC insured.

  3. Colette on

    Reaching selling limits with Paypal is just another way they skrew people. Once they limit your account you are at their mercy, never knowing when it will be lifted or if they will hold your cash. Paypals rules are a mystery to most. I can’t take it anymore with those fools. They don’t even deposit my money for 21 days, its harder to make anything using their service. I have looked in to that merchant service. I may have to look a little harder it at because I’m ready to throw the towel in with Paypal!

  4. Jay W on

    There are so many problems whe using paypal. This is why I stopped using them 7 months ago. THey limited my account for no reason and wouldnt give me a good reason. I went with a real merchant company. and have been a happy person since