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Asked to change password over and over again

I had an account and for no reason they asked me to change my password. No matter what I enter they ask me for my credit card number, which I gave them before, naturally, then they ask me a load of security questions, which I do not recall ever being asked before, then, no matter what I answer they tell me it is wrong. Then they send me an email saying I have changed my password, everything is all right. So I try to enter, OK, same thing, right around in a circle. Sometimes it appears to accept the new password, then it asks me the same questions again, accepts the answers, then asks me to change my password! What is this, a joke? So I am supposed to TELEPHONE THEM for some fantastic fee per minute! You know what will happen: they’ll put me on hold for 20 minutes, then the whole merry-go-round will start all over again. Paypal can fuck off.

Posted: February 11, 2013 at 7:17 pm

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One thought on “Asked to change password over and over again
  1. Dale on

    No this is not a joke this is paypal and they are a pain in the ass to deal with. I have been trying to issue a refund for over 3 weeks to a buyer and every time it tells me that the request can’t be completed please try again later. There are so many flaws with their website which they seem to ignore for the most part. Don’t even get me started on trying to get my money that is a story for another day.