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Awaiting Resolution

By Holly

I sell mostly through ebay. My first (and last) experience with Paypal involved a chargeback due to a seller who asked me to hold off on shipping out the item due to they were going away on vacation. As I did so, they placed a chargeback due to they did not receive it within 7 days (according to Paypal, I need to ship within 7 days or provide proof that they received it). When I first noticed the chargeback, I looked up’s website and it showed that they received it. I called paypal (thanks to you!) and told them so. They looked it up on the website and said that this should be sufficient to dispute the charge. I asked if they needed a signature of the recipient, and they said no. 

A couple weeks go by and I get another message from Paypal stating that I have failed to provide a physical signature of the recipient as having had received the item and have 3 days to do so. After that time, no further evidence would be accepted in the dispute. I immediately went to the post office and electronically got the signature of the recipient that they had on file (wish I did this sooner, but something tells me it ain’t gonna help anyway). I faxed it into paypal as they reluctantly gave me their fax number (they said that it is in dispute and all this is entirely unnecessary for me to go through the trouble of getting this signature for them).

After faxing in the signature, I called Paypal. They made their quick thanks and hurried me off the phone. No assurances.

I now await for the 75 days to tick away and to see if they are going to zap my bank account for the $500 chargeback. I am contemplating on closing my bank account and at this time have a stop payment for the amount of the chargeback.

My questions to you are:

I was wondering if they will charge back the difference that they already stole from my account or will the chargeback be in the amount that they stated in their final letter?

Should I close my account?

I will prevail somehow.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:09 am

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