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Awful PayPal Experience

By Rosie

My first time as an international seller on Ebay was a success last June 2003, sold a dvd for $5.50. The buyer was pleased, feedback was great, all was well…..until September, all of a sudden, I was implicated in a chargeback case, where the buyer told paypal to deal with ANOTHER seller who never delivered on his six dvds to her. I was WRONGLY included the case; and promptly told Paypal about it. But I was told to provide tracking information and all, which neither I nor the buyer could do because that was over months before, and it had been successful so all our receipts were no more. But that WAS NOT the issue, it was that someone had been mistakenly been made to suffer a chargeback fee plus the original payments all taken away from my account.

I made many long-distance calls and wrote countless emails to PayPal. All were replied to either by some standard pre-settext “we will look into it” crap and each time responded to by a different rep at PayPal! Each call I made had me speaking to a different person even though I asked for the same one each time so that he’d know about it without me having to explain everything over and over again via long-diatance which was costly.

In the end, the buyer herself (who tried hard to explain to PayPal it was all a mistake) gave up on PayPal and distanced herself from both Ebay and PayPal.

The people at PayPal just just don’t care. The money and chargeback fee was never returned, and PayPal conveniently ignored all follow-ups!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:22 am

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One thought on “Awful PayPal Experience
  1. Patricia O. on

    what a crapy company!!!! not only do i don’t want to do business with them, but now if i am going to buy something online and see them as the reciever. i will cancale my purchase on the spot!!!!! I just dont feel right charging my credit card or any form of payment with paypal, because they show that they are not a company that goes out of their way in making the right choices.