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Bad customer service, problem not solved!

eBay is just as bad. The amount of sketchy sellers is at a high, well it feels that way. I was buying an Xbox for my friend. Not only did I contact the seller for a refund before he shipped it( he shipped anyway), I contacted PayPal to let them know that he shipped it super late. PayPal had no on the phone for maybe 45 mins, boy are they great at pretending like they are helping you. They said they filed a claim but on my account it showed nothing. The seller refused to communicate like it was my fault he said he was moving and that’s what took so long. When I got the Xbox, had the red ring of death. eBay/PayPal customer service is the worst in the world please go on Undercover Boss, so many flaws in this company it’s not even funny. I ordered this on Jan 28th asked for my money on the 2nd of Feb. This morning I was so happy to wake up to a PayPal email basically telling me that I have to do more. It’s been a month he ripped me off the product is broken and all PayPal allows you to do is leave feedback once or file a claim every 14 days only to lose? I filed a wrong item/broken case against the seller and item. I thought I’d get my money back. All the email said was you have 10 days to ship it back to the seller??? Really? So I couldn’t do that a month ago when I said don’t ship it? Now I have to pay the $25 to ship it back to a bad seller? And then waint on him some more? I don’t trust the seller and I want to release his name as he should not be alloweded to sell anymore. It’s clear PayPal won’t help and I got ripped off but this is ridiculous why file a claim to get permission to get a refund? Makes no sense. What else can I do? Go on undercover boss, eBay/Paypay is a joke now and it’s sad how they could have avoided it. I just wanted help but clearly customers come last and you don’t mind having illegal sellers on eBay. I called to get help and bring all these issues to your attention and I’m being treated like it did something wrong. When I said this seller was bad and wanted my refund you should have done more. I felt like I wasted my time and this scam artist will do it again and PayPal doesn’t care they got paid right?! Lastly never tell a customer to “Calm Down”, the guy said it like 8 times after doing nothing. Looks like I’m done with PayPal.

Posted: March 5, 2013 at 6:52 pm

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