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Bad Experiences with Paypal

Horrible experiences with Paypal:

I purchased some tailored shirts and the seller sent a few ill fitting shirts then stopped communicating after Paypals 45 day refund had lapsed. Good scam as it takes longer than 45 days for shirts. Paypal is offering me no support and even suggested that I use my credit card as a funding source as they have longer dispute and refund timelines of 90 days.

I also got a Paypal CC and they actually held my funds when I had paid and gave me a lame excuse that the funds had not cleared though they were gone from my bank account for a week. The also gave me a low credit line and I could not even move my Paypal balance to the credit card which was the whole reason I got the card…obviously I cancelled it

NOT a Real Player in Payments.

Posted: March 17, 2014 at 6:15 pm

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2 thoughts on “Bad Experiences with Paypal
  1. frank nungaray on

    perchased a item on ebay had the money did everything I had todo appropriately the right way like I was supposed too money didn’t go through time expiered after winning the bid so I didn’t get what I had worked for. the item was a vehicle now i’m going through a lot of horseshit to get my money back so I got to wait before I go to a
    dealership like I should have to begin with
    pay-pal ebay suck

  2. unsatisfied on

    I selected a preferred payment method to be use for purchases and instead of honoring it pay pal charge my bank account illegally simply because I had it linked to my account. Companies dont have the right to charge its customers account whenever and however with out that customers approval. So I’m telling everyong that pay pal did not honor or use their preferred payment method that you chosed and instead used another account you had link to complain just as I did to every agency that you can. There are a lot of them out there like California Attorney Generals Office, Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just to get your started.