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Bank Account Is Primary

By Howard Dorsey

When some one is setting up an account with Pay Pal so that one can pay for items, one is asked for a primary bank number, and a primary card number. I can see the need for a primary if there is more than one for each , more than one bank account , more than one card number, but then the fun starts, Paypal will by defalt make the bank account the primary.. the person does not have the choice of making the bank or the card the primary, paypal says which is the primary.

When I was on the phone with them about this , they could not understand why I was having a problem with this,, I was finaly told that this request of letting the person make the choice as to which would be the primary would be given to the Eniginers,, now that is a good one, when I asked if there was some one later that I could call about this I was told no.. so for all that I know this request is now in the trash.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:27 am

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