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Banned for life

I recently have been banned for life for selling modded consoles(xboxs, playstations) on my website Paypal was my form of receiving payments, I had buy it now buttons all over my website. Well I received a nasty email from them, stating that I am in violation of there rules by selling and modding video game systems. Even though modding may be frowned upon, any lawsuit that has made it to the supreme court in the past has been thrown out, or found in favor of the modder. The reason being that once a person opens up a console, iphone, etc. well then that company immediately voids there warranty. So if our warranty is void, and are no longer covered, well now we have the God-given right to put anything onto that operating system we damn well please. It’s just our right, and even throughout history courts have found it our right. Game shark or also known as the case Galoob vs. Nintendo was thrown out as Nintendo tried to sue game genie for millions in the early 1990s. Now what really gets me with my instance, is the fact that my ex-wife and ex-wifes mothers paypal accts have also been banned for life. Why them? Well according to paypal, they are running the website with me?? Haha. Yea I run a website with my ex-wife?!? PLEASE!! What happened was I would send her funds periodically to cover child support fees. Now, because they saw that funds were being sent in large amounts(maybe $200 at a time at best) to my ex-wifes paypal, well they then banned her stating she and I run the website together and that she is also banned for having used paypal on WTF? Is this a joke? I own, run, and operate my website by myself, my ex and I havent been together in years, and dont even have the same last name anymore. She DOES NOT, and never will have access to running my website, I do it alone. So how on earth is paypal allowed to ban her for me selling modded consoles? All she did was accept fees I sent her for child support!! Thats the worst part. Let alone the fact that I shouldn’t have been banned either, it’s my right to mod consoles if I want to. But the ex-wife being banned, paypal holding our funds for 180 days, thats what gets me. I dont know who they think they are, but this evil corporation has got to be stopped before they continue on their quest for a monopoly by making even shadier business practices.

Posted: May 28, 2014 at 6:25 pm

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One thought on “Banned for life
  1. Alex on

    Damn… that’s a sad story, bud.
    Hope you find a way to recover yourself.
    Good luck, dude.