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Banned from PayPal

My account was banned with paypal around two years ago, typically I wouldn’t really care; but when I get to sites where I can only checkout with Paypal this gets a bit frustrating. PayPal is embedded in so many different things that makes life much harder for myself especially since they say this is “unappealable.”

The long story short: I bought copies of Microsoft Office from my college to put on the computers I built (a hobby of mine). I didn’t know that you get three licenses per disc so needless to say I had an abundance of leftovers. I was a broke college student so I couldn’t just be out that amount of money; so I figured I’d cut my losses and sell the leftover copies on Ebay. I ended up getting accused of selling counterfeit versions of Microsoft Office (when it says education copy right on the discs and I mentioned that in the eBay post)… I called Paypal 2 years later trying to make amends to make my life a little bit easier, and they said the only way to get my account back would be to magically find the receipts from the software I bought 2 years ago…

I’m sorry, but not even giving me another chance to use their service is ridiculous. Not the behavior I’d ever expect to see from a company of that size.

Posted: October 13, 2014 at 7:08 pm

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