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I have been “banned permanently” from Paypal.

Just had my Paypal account closed 12/13/12 without any ability to resolve, appeal, or find other alternative fixes through their resolution dept.

Paypal states that “this is all in the TOS agreement that I should be aware of”. Ridiculous. My personal account which I have had for many years closed because they keep a profile on me regardless of other accounts I may be associated with. What? Paypal has a profile of me? So my employer that I set up a Paypal account with my name and my personal use Paypal account that I use for my personal use, and because I apparently forgot my personal account sign on and tried to sign up under my personal business name many months ago, my account got flagged when I tried to add another credit card to my profile. The only link between all of these accounts….my name. Each account had different emails obviously, one is for work, one is for me and the other because I forgot my original sign-on.

Paypal has a monopoly on the market. They have no competition in the online payment gateway for Ebay and many other online sites that use Paypal. Paypal literally told me that I have been “banned permanently” from Paypal.

I was not allowed to appeal, ask for a supervisor, file any kind of dispute or any alternative way to get my account “unclosed”. Forget the term “suspended”, this is permanent! “Banned!”, as if I am some criminal based on the file they have of me that contains cross-referenced items like: my name, addresses used, cards used, social security number, email addresses and checking account number. If any of those items show up on another account, regardless if they are your employer, your personal or you simply forgot your account and try to set-up another account; you are banned for life! You are a fraudulent criminal trying to circumvent their system! Really? I am a criminal? I am not a customer who made lots of money for them over the years?

I asked the person on the phone at Paypal, “would you accept that from a business where you are not allowed to dispute, or find a solution with someone willing to listen and make an exception?” How long would a retailer, a restaurant, any business stay in business if customers aren’t treated as customers? She just said I am sorry, that is the terms, you are banned from doing business with Paypal.

As a result, my employer, a nonprofit charitable organization also lost their Paypal account. They can no longer receive donations because my name is on the nonprofit profile. This is so wrong!!!!

I say that is a MONOPOLY worthy of the Department of Justice investigation into perhaps the Commerce Clause or Interstate Commerce.

Posted: December 17, 2012 at 6:53 pm

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