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Banned without a review of my case

I bought an Ebay course in Uk about starting an ebay business. As an example they recommended selling GHD hair straighteners. I checked – they appeared good as many,many were being sold ( all about the same cost so no back stabbing etc). Sourced them – China , having a gut query I asked for letter of authentication – no problem was forthcoming so I bought some – naive – yes but I thought I followed the rules. However they were apparently counterfeit as when some one went to register it – ( told they were counterfeit). No problem client and even every other person – about 14 I think, as family had some of the 2 batches of 20. Daughters packed up last winter after nearly 8 years i think. However, with that paypal froze everything and banned me. It now turns out that it was for life and not even my family ( ie 19 and 22yr grandaughters who live with me can open an account. I contacted them to ask them to reconsider after all these years and the fact that I had sorted it with GHD company ( only available from Korea and official hairdressers by the way) but no and only when I kept chasing did some one actually admit that they had not even reviewed the case . Just said no.

Posted: October 1, 2014 at 6:41 pm

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