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Battle Against PayPal

By Chuck

First of all let me say how shocked I am at paypal’s fraud fest they have going on. I have been selling and buying on ebay for years now and never suspected it. You guys deserve a lot more credit for making this website.

Paypal is a big bottomless money pit in which they can throw your money into. Now after reading the letter eBay sent you I am about ready to up and quit them as well the nerve of eBay to support such low-life scum-sucking money-grubbing donkeys as the ones at Paypal.

I just wish to thank you and wish you luck in your battle against paypal. I also wonder would it do any good to take this matter to the FTC or another moderating group? But thank you for the work you do don’t let eBay and Paypal win! Keep up the good work!


Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:45 am

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