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Who do you beat Item “not as described”

Hi there,

Last week I sold an item on Ebay for the first time. It was a phone, Samsung Galaxy Note Mark 1. I used this phone for 1 year, never had any issues with it, never dropped, always had a back cover and screen protector on. I have recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Note Mark 2 and decided to sell the previous one on Ebay, for £220 (buy it now). I received £212.32 from ripoff Paypal.
The phone was puchased online by Jamie Xxxxxx
I’ve deleted my details from the phone, restored to factory settings on the day when sending to the buyer. I placed the phone in its original box, wrapped it in lots of bubble wrap and then used a second box on top. There was no way whatsoever it could get damaged in transit. I paid for sending the phone myself, using first class next day delivery before 1pm, insured up to £250.
Next day, the buyer emails me saying the phone is not switching on, please see below messages sent to me by the buyer:

1. “just held it for 1 min solid and nothing and i dont know about damage”
2. “well im still ok to open the case with paypal aint i as it would seem like its been damaged in transit”
3. “ok ill try a couple things my mate knows he gonna try turning it on while on charge bit without battery in if nothing he gonna wrap it in towel or summit he said try heat solder n drop wire back in you ok with this before he does it”

He filed a claim on Paypal and they made a decision, the seller is now going to send me a damaged phone and i have to issue a refund for the full amount.
I have just sold my Nikon D7000 with 2 lenses for £1135 but not sent it yet to the buyer and I will not. I am going to issue a refund straight away, and avoid the risk of this buyer claiming a “damaged camera”. I cannot afford this!
Is there any way i can complain about this? I find this absolutely outrageous, I cannot believe how quickly they made the decision of me issuing a refund, please help, i don’t really know what to do…

Posted: July 23, 2013 at 6:20 pm

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