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Better Business Bureau

By Charles Scott

Perhaps you site owners will post this line right under your “Contact Paypal Warning” line. Say, “Report your case in its entirety to the Better Business Bureau online at”

Tell everyone to report their Pappal crookery matter to the Better Business Bureau at Ebay and Paypal *has to maintain an acceptable ratio of claims concluded to the reporter’s satisfaction. If they don’t, they lose their BBB endorsement. This means more to Ebay and Paypal than almost anything.

My findings are that less than 3,000 a year ever do this. So when they get inundated with complaints, someone will finally have gotten their attention, proving too, that eBay and Paypal are not “sovereigns unto themselves.”

You may sign my report Air America as I am one of the leading detractors of these crooks.


Air America

(I include my email adress because I will assist everyone who asks for help about this, I know what I am doing.)

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:41 am

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