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Beware PP stealing other funds

In short, I am a seller with PP & Ebay for 12 years (100% perfect f/b). A buyer recently complained about a damaged item to Ebay who immediately put a negative balance of -£28 on my PP account (the cost of the item). I am currently in dispute with the buyer but PP have acted as judge and jury.

So, separate to this, a seller from whom I had bought an item (before this latest problem) which he did not have in stock – he decided to reimburse me £20.

PP have stolen that £20 with out my consent to offset the -£28 figure they imposed on my account. My account is now showing -£8.

1) How dare PP show a -£28 in the first place over an unresolved dispute with an aggrieved buyer
2) To make matters worse, PP have effectively stolen £20 from a quite separate transaction to offset that -£28 figure which should not have been levied in the first place.

Now I am;
1 – showing as -£8 on my account
2 – I have not received the £20 refund for an unfulfilled and completely separate transaction that occurred pre this latest episode
3 – I have still not resolved the issue over the broken item.

I am spitting feathers. This must be fraud and illegal. How can I start small claims proceedings against PP in the UK? Does anyone have a UK address for PP?

Thanks. Geoff

Posted: December 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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One thought on “Beware PP stealing other funds
  1. Janeth on

    account frozen, wont answer e mails, submitted information they requested…still nothing done, over £3,500 in account cant get at… Paypal has no right to hold my money as I have done nothing wrong. I need this money for my Christmas shopping and now it looks like paypal stole my christmas and money by committing fraud.