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Beware UK PayPal-ers

By Matt

Not really a major problem, but still a problem all the same. Paid £500GBP for a pc on eBay, the money was withdrawn from the bank as it wasnt in the pp account.As soon as i sent the money to the seller the money was reversed into my account.Only as the money was from my bank acc then i had to wait 5-7 days for it to appear back in the pp account.Phoned paypal and their answer was exactly this word for word ‘i dont know why this happened, you will get your money back into your pp account in around 7 days’. I asked the seller if he was prepared to wait but he needed the sale and so sold to someone else, fair enough, he left good feedback for me which was kind.I then rang paypal again and asked why the money couldnt go into my bank rather than paypal as i would have liked to buy a pc in the town where i lived instead.They said that i would have to wait the 7 or so days for the reversal and then a further 7 days to withdraw it again to my account. So i paid for something instantly, the funds ere taken from my bank pretty quickly and then they decide to keep a hold of them for over 2 weeks. Now this is the funny part, paypal also told me that it can take upto 21 days depending on your credit card or bank etc, they say that the credit card/banks all accept payments differently (BS), why then in a normal shop can i get an instant refund onto my cc if an item is faulty. I dont think the problem is as big in the UK yet but it certainly is starting. I would urge any UK residents with problems to at least contact the BBC’s watchdog.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:38 pm

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